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card7273.htm Private Page for our family only
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lincoln.htm Decoy page (from bc_part1.htm)
Sikuli_Spatial_Operators.doc helpful Sikuli notes! (2010)
Skin_Sensitivity_Results_Log.doc for use w/science experiment (2012)
The Termite's Web Site
National Autism Awareness Month
Pac-Man_Pattern.gif "Optimal" Pac-Man cut-out pattern / template

DKJrGum.jpg Topps Video Game Gum - Donkey Kong Jr. - flattened (great template)

Pac-Man Day 1982

Software available at this site:

MAKE3D   ZIP         2,388  02-18-97 10:50p   Make 3-D Hidden Pictures (C Source Code)
MEMMASTR ZIP       122,078  09-04-98 10:54a   Excellent Memory Improvement Software (DOS)
RUDY135A ZIP        62,160  03-15-96 11:55a   Dr. Rudy tetris-like game v1.35a (DOS)
RUDY140  ZIP        64,524  03-15-98  6:17p   Dr. Rudy tetris-like game v1.40 (DOS)
RUD2-110 ZIP        56,130  11-03-96 10:29p   Dr. Rudy 2 sequel to Dr. Rudy 1.10 (DOS)
PEGTEST  XLS        61,440  09-18-01  8:26p   Use Spreadsheet to help you learn Peg Words

Test Pages:

*17* Jan 2000 experimental M.P. (unofficial)

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